We are really looking forward to reopening our doors to you all on Monday 17th August.

As you will be aware from our previous update we will be staging a phased reopening.

In order to hopefully provide all the information you may require, we have put together some frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.

If we have not answered your question below, please email it to   services@holywellleisurecentre.com  and you will receive a reply at the earliest opportunity.


  1. When will Swimming Lessons restart?

We are hoping to be able to restart Swimming Lessons sometime during September. We will continue to update our website as and when we have further information.

2.What will happen to the payment I made in March for Swimming Lessons?

Please do not worry about any payment made, this will be transferred to the next course of lessons once they resume.

3. I didn’t make payment for the course which started in March, will my child have lost their place and do I have to rebook?

Please do not worry, your child’s place has been held for them. We will calculate the amount owing when lessons restart and you can make payment when your child returns for their first lesson.

4. I pay by direct debit for Swimming Lessons, when will my payment restart?

When we have a date for Swimming Lessons to restart, we will be contacting Harlands (the Company who collect direct debit payments on our behalf) and will be instructing them to unfreeze all Swimming Lesson direct debits.

5.Which facilities are reopening on 17th August?

We will be reopening our Gym, Sports Hall, Community Studio and Squash Courts on this date in some capacity.

6. Will I need to book in advance?

Yes, ALL activities will need to be booked and paid for in advance.

7. How do I go about making a booking?

Our Reception desk and Admin office will be manned on Thursday and Friday 13th and 14th August from 9am – 4pm and Saturday morning 15th August from 9am – 1pm.

Please ring either of the following numbers;

01352 355100 (Reception)

01352 355006 (Admin Office)

8. Do you offer online booking?

Not at the moment but this is a work in progress and we hope to go “live” with this very soon. Updates will follow.

9. How will a Gym session be structured?

Gym sessions will be bookable on the hour, e.g. 10am – 11am etc. It is important you do not arrive more than a couple of minutes before your session is due to start and all customers will be required to vacate on time to allow for those who have booked the following hour to enter the facility safely. If you arrive late for your session, you will still have to vacate at the booked time, sessions will not be allowed to run over.

N.B. Lockers will NOT be available to use anywhere within the Centre therefore we strongly advise you not to bring any valuables with you into the building.

Showers and changing facilities remain UNavailable for the time being so please come “gym ready”. Toilets can be used.

Please bring your own water bottle as the drinking fountains will be UNavailable

10. Will numbers be limited?

Yes, numbers have been capped to allow for the required 2m social distancing rule. This applies to ALL activities including Gym sessions.

11. How far in advance can I make a booking?

Bookings for ALL activities will be limited to an 8 day in advance booking restriction. As an example, if you have attended Yoga on Tuesday evening 18th August, you will be able to book the following Tuesday 25th August but no further ahead.

12. Will classes be restarting on 17th August?

Yes, our class timetable is due to restart upon our reopening. Numbers will be capped to allow for 2m social distancing. Booking in advance is essential to secure a place.

13. Is badminton available to book?

Yes, to a degree. We are closely following the National Governing Body (NGB) “Badminton Wales” and in line with their current advice (they are at phase 2 of their return to badminton)….

  • A badminton coaching session is permissible provided the 2m social distancing rule is upheld. Spectators are not allowed unless the presence of a parent/carer is required in which case one parent OR one carer will be allowed courtside.
  • A “singles” game of badminton is permissible even if the two players are from a different household. The 2m social distancing rule must be upheld.
  • A “doubles” game of badminton is permissible providing the two players on either side of the court are from the same or extended household. The 2m social distancing rule must be upheld between pairs.

No hand shaking even though this is badminton etiquette!

14. Is squash available to book?

Yes, to a degree. We are closely following the National Governing Body (NGB) “Squash Wales” and in line with their current advice….

  • Solo training is permissible.
  • A squash coaching session is permissible provided the 2m social distancing rule is upheld.
  • A competitive game of squash is permissible but the two players MUST be from the same or extended household.
  • A competitive game canNOT be played between two players from a different household.
  • No more than two people will be allowed on the court.
  • No spectators will be allowed.
  • A break with Squash etiquette I’m afraid – no hand shaking!

15. When will the swimming pool reopen to the public?

As you may be aware, major works in our plant room have been ongoing during much of the lockdown period so provided these are completed we are hopeful the swimming pool will reopen to the public on Monday 24th August.

16. Will pool sessions have to be booked in advance, if so, when can I book?

Yes, places will need to be booked and paid for in advance as with ALL other activities.

Providing we are able to go ahead and open the swimming pool for public sessions on 24th August (please see Q 15), we will be taking bookings from Thursday 20th August.

17. When the swimming pool reopens to the public, how will sessions be structured so it is not a “free for all”.

We will be dividing our 6 lane pool into 3 double lanes. These will be labelled a “slow”, “medium” and “fast” lane so individuals can decide which category they fall into when they book. We will be allowing a maximum of 6 people per lane.

Bookings will be timed and your session will be for one hour. We politely ask that you do not arrive too early for your session please. If you arrive late for your session you will still be required to vacate the pool at the end of your booking slot, sessions will not be allowed to overrun.

18. What will the rules be surrounding changing facilities poolside?

You must arrive “beach ready” i.e. with your trunks/costume on underneath your outer clothing as you will be required to undress poolside. A sanitized basket and chair will be allocated for your use only. You will put your clothes in this basket and collect the basket from the chair when you exit the pool. Sanitized changing cubicles will be available for you to dry and dress. You will then leave the building through the exit door sited by the baby pool and walk around the outside of the building. You will not be allowed to walk back through the Centre.

N.B. Lockers will NOT be available to use poolside or anywhere within the Centre therefore we strongly advise you not to bring any valuables with you into the building.

19. Can we use the pool as a family?

We are hoping to introduce a “household” swim session in the near future. These sessions will take place in the two small pools and will be limited to probably two households per small pool (one household being a maximum of 4 people).

2m social distancing between households must be maintained at all times.

The introduction of a “household” swim will be confirmed when a final decision has been made, and we will keep our website updated with any further information in this regard.

20. When will the Health Suite reopen?

You may have seen on the website and facebook that our Health Suite has been stripped bare. Even if it were still in situ we would not be able to open it for the foreseeable future due to social distancing requirements. Whereas prior to Covid-19 we had plans to revamp this whole area and had managed to put some funds aside to assist with this, we, like virtually every other Business fighting to survive has been hit extremely hard by this situation. We will continue to work hard to raise funds one way or another once again for this project and ask that you please bear with us.

21. When will we be able to book the outdoor 5 a side pitch at the Centre?

We are closely following the advice given by the National Governing Body (NGB) the Football Association of Wales (FAW). They are currently at phase 2 in their return to football in Wales. Therefore we will take bookings from Clubs affiliated to FAW. Clubs will be required to abide by the rules dictated by FAW.

For teams organising their own recreational games, we await further guidance. These will not be allowed to go ahead at the moment as the recommencing of matches comes under phase 3 in the FAW guidelines. We will continue to monitor and update accordingly.

22. Will Holywell High School indoor facility reopen to the Community?

Unfortunately, it does not look as if we will have the use of the indoor facility at the High School for the foreseeable future due to needs of the school themselves. We will do our utmost to resite current bookings to the Leisure Centre although this cannot be guaranteed due to existing bookings at the Centre. We will of course do our best.

23. When will the 4G Pitches at Holywell High School reopen?

We are awaiting confirmation from the school as to whether they will allow us to use the pitches. We are hopeful this will be agreed and will update as soon as we have heard from them.

24. I paid upfront for one of the following memberships and have been unable to use the facilities due to your closure, how do I go about sorting this out?

  • Cash Monthly
  • Saver 10
  • Annual
  • NERS 16

Please do not worry. You do not need to take any action. This will be sorted automatically for you as soon as possible. Our admin team will extend the expiry date of your purchase to reflect the amount of time affected due to our closure.

Please email   services@holywellleisurecentre.com should you have any queries at all in relation to this matter in due course.

25. My direct debit has remained frozen since your closure, do I need to do anything in order to resume payment?

You do not need to take any action. We will be instructing Harlands (the Company who collect direct debit payments on our behalf) to unfreeze payments and resume collection from 17th August 2020.

All direct debit payments will resume on or around 17th August 2020 except for “Swimming Pool” use only which will resume on or around 24th August 2020 and “Swimming Lessons” which will restart in due course. Please keep an eye on the website for swimming lesson updates.

Should you have any queries about your direct debit (or indeed any queries at all) at any time, please email   services@holywellleisurecentre.com and either Jill or Paula will be happy to help.

Hopefully your question has been answered here, apologies if not. Please don’t hesitate to contact    services@holywellleisurecentre.com if it hasn’t.

A reminder, our telephone numbers are;  

01352 355100 (Reception)

01352 355006 (Admin Office)

Please rest assured we have been working extremely hard to ensure that Holywell Leisure Centre is a safe environment for you (and us) to return to. Our priority is customer and staff safety.

When you arrive you will see we have put many measures in place to secure the environment:-

  • A hand sanitizer station upon entry to the building
  • Hand sanitizer stations around the Centre
  • Equipment sanitizing sprays
  • Sanitized baskets and chairs poolside
  • A clearly marked one way system throughout the building
  • Separate entry and exit doors
  • Everybody MUST check in at Reception so we can comply with “Track and Trace” requirements
  • Carefully timed bookings
  • Reduced fitness class numbers
  • Reduced gym numbers
  • Carefully monitored public swimming sessions with reduced numbers
  • Use of showers and changing facilities NOT permitted (except toilets)
  • Closely following National Governing Body (NGB) advice, rules and guidelines for each individual sport

Thank you for taking the time to read our update, we realise it’s a bit lengthy but hopefully most things have been covered.

This is also a good opportunity to say thank you so much for the support you have given us since we became a Charitable Trust back in April 2017, we really do appreciate it and we sincerely are looking forward to welcoming you all back next week.

Together we can be successful once more.

On behalf of the Management, Staff and Trustees.