A text has been sent to all parents/guardians of children for whom we are currently holding a space in our Waves 2, 3, 4, 5/6 and Link Group Swimming Lessons.

This applies to those who pay for their swimming lessons in full and those who pay by direct debit and whose direct debit instruction remains frozen (i.e. has not been cancelled before, during or after lockdown).

As you will be aware, we have not yet restarted our mainstream lessons, we hope to do so around mid October, although their structure will no doubt have to change. The extent of the changes we will be required to make will depend on the advice and guidelines received at that time from both Welsh Government and Swim Wales and will always be subject to change where required.

In the meantime, we would like to provide a NEW SHORT COURSE of lessons for the following Waves; 2, 3, 4, 5/6 and Link but of course, numbers will have to be restricted, therefore these can only be offered literally on a “first come, first served” basis.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide lessons at this stage for Splash, Wave 1, Rookies nor Water Polo.

A text message regarding this short course has been sent at the same time to everybody who has a child currently in the appropriate “Wave” and who has provided us with a mobile number so there should be no unfair advantages regarding booking a place. You can book your child’s place for any day and any time available as this course is not part of the mainstream lessons.

This short course of lessons will run for four weeks starting Monday 21st September – Sunday 18th October inclusive.

You will be allocated a day and time and will attend that session for the four weeks.

This short course is completely independent of our usual lessons.  

The cost for the course will be £24 payable at the time of booking regardless of whether your normal payment is made by Direct Debit (which of course remain frozen) or you have already paid in full for the course which started in March 2020.

Any due adjustments to payments made prior to lockdown either in full or by direct debit will be dealt with individually when our next regular course of lessons starts, hopefully mid-October.

Please ring 01352 355100 / 355006 in order to book a place for your child.


You will need to speak with us. We anticipate the phone lines may be quite busy during these times so would advise you to keep trying.

If the answering service clicks in without ringing, it means we are on another call.

Please read the below Terms and Conditions before committing to booking and paying for a place for your child to ensure you are happy to comply with our requirements;

  • This is a separate mini course totally independent to our ten-week course.

Payment in full of £24 must be made at time of booking. This cost will be adjusted if you start at a later date (e.g. week 2).

  • Refunds will not be given for any unattended sessions unless supported by a Doctor/Hospital letter
  • Children must turn up “beach ready” – this means swimming costumes must be on underneath outer clothing
  • Hand sanitising station at the entrance to the building must be used
  • Child’s name must be given to reception upon arrival, please do not walk past reception without checking in
  • In the event we are contacted in regard to a Covid-19 outbreak which coincides with your child’s attendance, we will make contact with you via the contact details currently held on your child’s account. You will be responsible for providing us with the contact details of the person who accompanied your child to swimming lessons on the date in question whether it is yourself or somebody else
  • The 2 metre social distancing rule must be adhered to at all times. There are clear markers both outside (if you have to queue on arrival) and throughout the building
  • The one way system we have in place must be adhered to
  • Please do not turn up too early for your lesson to minimise queuing
  • Entry to the Swimming Pool is through the Health Suite. You will be required to queue in there, maintaining a 2metre distance until a member of staff allows you entry onto poolside
  • All outdoor footwear must be removed by both parent and child whilst in the Health Suite, prior to walking onto poolside
  • Children must only be accompanied where necessary and by ONE ADULT (aged 18+), no siblings unless they are attending a lesson at the same time. This is purely due to number restrictions
  • A numbered basket and chair will be provided poolside for your child’s clothing
  • No valuables to be left in the basket
  • Once your child is undressed, you will be required to exit the building via the Swimming Pool fire exit
  • No spectators allowed and parents are not allowed to remain in the Swimming Pool / Changing Room area nor balcony
  • No more than five minutes before the lesson is due to finish, if you need to help your child to dress, you will be allowed to re enter the building  via the back swimming pool fire door (not the main entrance) remove your outdoor footwear and go onto poolside to meet your child by their chair/basket
  • You/ your child will collect their basket and go to the sanitised cubicle with the number which corresponds with your basket
  • Showers are not allowed

When your child is dry and dressed, you will both exit the building again through the Swimming Pool fire exit

We look forward to welcoming you back.