Whether you would like to ‘pay and go’ or take out a monthly membership with us, our facilities offer affordable family friendly fun. Our prices vary depending on the activity, but a ‘pay and go’ swim costs just £4.50 for an adult.

We have a variety of spaces available for exclusive hire. You can book the sports hall, fitness studio and of course the pool - our inflatable pool parties are legendary! The soft play area will be available shortly to hire.
As we are now run by a community led charity, we need a team of volunteers to support us. The skills we are looking for vary from maintenance to customer service. If you would like to help in anyway - get in touch.


Please see the website post dated 15th September for full details on our upcoming mini course.

We have now opened this course up to allow everybody to book.

If your child has had swimming lessons previously, why not book them in for a refresher?

Safety in the water is so important

We look forward to seeing you.




BOOKINGS TAKEN BETWEEN 10am – 2pm ON 01352 355100/355006

A text has been sent to all parents/guardians of children for whom we are currently holding a space in our Waves 2, 3, 4, 5/6 and Link Group Swimming Lessons.

This applies to those who pay for their swimming lessons in full and those who pay by direct debit and whose direct debit instruction remains frozen (i.e. has not been cancelled before, during or after lockdown).

As you will be aware, we have not yet restarted our mainstream lessons, we hope to do so around mid October, although their structure will no doubt have to change. The extent of the changes we will be required to make will depend on the advice and guidelines received at that time from both Welsh Government and Swim Wales and will always be subject to change where required.

In the meantime, we would like to provide a NEW SHORT COURSE of lessons for the following Waves; 2, 3, 4, 5/6 and Link but of course, numbers will have to be restricted, therefore these can only be offered literally on a “first come, first served” basis.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide lessons at this stage for Splash, Wave 1, Rookies nor Water Polo.

A text message regarding this short course has been sent at the same time to everybody who has a child currently in the appropriate “Wave” and who has provided us with a mobile number so there should be no unfair advantages regarding booking a place. You can book your child’s place for any day and any time available as this course is not part of the mainstream lessons.

This short course of lessons will run for four weeks starting Monday 21st September – Sunday 18th October inclusive.

You will be allocated a day and time and will attend that session for the four weeks.

This short course is completely independent of our usual lessons.  

The cost for the course will be £24 payable at the time of booking regardless of whether your normal payment is made by Direct Debit (which of course remain frozen) or you have already paid in full for the course which started in March 2020.

Any due adjustments to payments made prior to lockdown either in full or by direct debit will be dealt with individually when our next regular course of lessons starts, hopefully mid-October.

Please ring 01352 355100 / 355006 in order to book a place for your child.

Bookings will be taken on these numbers between  10am – 2pm only.


You will need to speak with us. I anticipate the phone lines may be quite busy during these times so would advise you to keep trying.

If the answering service clicks in without ringing, it means we are on another call.

Please read the below Terms and Conditions before committing to booking and paying for a place for your child to ensure you are happy to comply with our requirements;

  • This is a separate mini course totally independent to our ten-week course.

Payment in full of £24 must be made at time of booking.

  • Refunds will not be given for any unattended sessions unless supported by a Doctor/Hospital letter
  • Children must turn up “beach ready” – this means swimming costumes must be on underneath outer clothing
  • Hand sanitising station at the entrance to the building must be used
  • Child’s name must be given to reception upon arrival, please do not walk past reception without checking in
  • In the event we are contacted in regard to a Covid-19 outbreak which coincides with your child’s attendance, we will make contact with you via the contact details currently held on your child’s account. You will be responsible for providing us with the contact details of the person who accompanied your child to swimming lessons on the date in question whether it is yourself or somebody else
  • The 2 metre social distancing rule must be adhered to at all times. There are clear markers both outside (if you have to queue on arrival) and throughout the building
  • The one way system we have in place must be adhered to
  • Please do not turn up too early for your lesson to minimise queuing
  • Entry to the Swimming Pool is through the Health Suite. You will be required to queue in there, maintaining a 2metre distance until a member of staff allows you entry onto poolside.
  • All outdoor footwear must be removed by both parent and child whilst in the Health Suite, prior to walking onto poolside
  • Children must only be accompanied where necessary and by ONE ADULT (aged 18+), no siblings unless they are attending a lesson at the same time
  • A numbered basket and chair will be provided poolside for your child’s clothing
  • No valuables to be left in the basket
  • Once your child is undressed, you will be required to exit the building via the Swimming Pool fire exit
  • No spectators allowed and parents are not allowed to remain in the Swimming Pool / Changing Room area nor balcony
  • No more than five minutes before the lesson is due to finish, if you need to help your child to dress, you will be allowed to re enter the building  via the back swimming pool fire door (not the main entrance) remove your outdoor footwear and go onto poolside to meet your child by their chair/basket
  • You/ your child will collect their basket and go to the sanitised cubicle with the number which corresponds with your basket
  • Showers are not allowed

When your child is dry and dressed, you will both exit the building again through the Swimming Pool fire exit

We look forward to welcoming you back.



We start this post with an apology.

As previously stated in our FAQs that swimming lessons would be able to recommence on 14th September and we would be in touch with further information, unfortunately, this is now not the case. You may have probably already realised this as you have received no contact in this regard.

Due to some unforeseen issues, we are having to delay the start date of swimming lessons a little longer.

We can only apologise for the further delay and hope you will understand the difficulties we face in trying to safely co-ordinate the many different aspects of the return to all activities.

Please continue to bear with us.

Thank you for your patience.



Quick update regarding the reopening of our swimming pool….We had fingers and toes crossed that the ongoing “Plant Room Project” would have been completed in time for us to reopen the pool on Monday 24th August, unfortunately there have been some minor complications which have resulted in a delay to this plan. We are now extremely hopeful you will be able to enjoy a swim again here from Thursday 27th August onwards. As promised, we will continue to update. We do apologise for this further delay but please bear with us and be assured we are doing our very best.


We are delighted to announce Trigger Point Pilates will now be returning next week.

Classes will be with reduced numbers in line with social distancing requirements and you MUST have your own equipment.

For those of you who didn’t purchase equipment for this activity prior to lockdown, Gaynor will be in tomorrow (Friday 14th August) to sanitise the pre used equipment we hold, she will put it into sets and these will be available to purchase at the bargain price of £15.00.

Please contact Gaynor either via facebook or ring Reception between 10am – 4pm on 01352 355100 tomorrow and ask to speak with Gaynor in order to purchase a set of equipment.

Classes will be:- Tuesday 9.30am – 10.15am in the Squash Court (max. 8) Thursday 7.15pm – 8pm in the Community Studio (max. 12)

Bookings can be taken up to 8 days in advance. Why not ring on 01352 355100/355006 now to book?

Payment must be made at time of booking.

We can’t wait to see you.



CLASS BOOKINGS – If you are attending a class which requires the use of a floor mat e.g. Yoga, Pilates etc you will be required to bring your own mat. We will no longer be able to provide mats for customer use due to Covid-19 situation.

If you do not have your own mat and are unable to purchase one for any reason, we will be sanitizing our existing pre used mats on a one off basis and these will be available to purchase during the first week of our reopening at a price of £4.



FAQs Update

Firstly, thank you so much for your great response to our first round of FAQs. Your feedback has been very much appreciated and has helped us make our decisions which we hope you are happy with.

As promised, here is our first update.

  1. Has a decision been made yet on the “household” swim?

Yes, we are pleased to let you know a decision has been made. 

The household swim idea, which we suggested last week and which we propose to run alongside our lane swimming sessions generated a considerable amount of interest and we are delighted to announce that we will be running with this.

We have decided to trial this activity in the following format:-

Sessions will take place in our Baby Pool (D 0.8m) and our Splash Pool (D 0.97m)

Each Pool will be “divided” into two. Each individual section allowing a maximum of 5 customers who must all reside in the same household (or extended household).

The price for a household swim will be £12.00 for 45minutes pool time.

2. Will my child be allowed to access the “lane swimming sessions”?

Yes, children over the age of 8 years can be booked into these sessions as long as they are able to demonstrate that they are able to swim 50m i.e. two lengths of our swimming pool.

3. My child is under the age of 8 years but attends your swimming lessons and can swim several lengths. Is he/she allowed to access the lane swimming sessions?

National guidance dictates children must be aged 8 years or over to enter any swimming pool unaccompanied by a responsible adult aged 18 years or over.  That said, we recently introduced a competency scheme for 6 and 7 year olds. For further information regarding this scheme please email    services@holywellleisurecentre.com

4. My children would like to attend the pool for a “fun, splash about session”, will you be holding any such session during the remainder of the school holidays?

Welsh Government guidelines currently dictate that children UNDER the age of 11 years do NOT need to socially distance, therefore we are pleased to announce we will be introducing a number of sessions for children aged 8, 9 and 10 years to come along and have a little play.  We are currently working on a timetable and this will be published shortly.

5. Will the Tuesday morning “Over 50s” swimming session still be taking place and will it still be free of charge to those aged 60+?

Yes of course. We are pleased to still be offering this activity, however numbers will be limited and a lane rope will be in situ. As it is necessary to reduce numbers, we will be adding an extra session on a Tuesday. This means session 1 will take place from 8.15am – 9am (pool time) and session 2 will follow from 9.15am – 10am (pool time).

N.B. As with ALL activities, only one session will be bookable per day and it is essential you book in advance in order to secure your place.

6. Do you have a date yet for junior swimming lessons restarting?

We are pleased to announce that we have now set a date. Junior Swimming Lessons will restart week beginning Monday 14th September. Changes will have to be made to the format as numbers at any one time pool side will need to be reduced. Further details will follow in due course.

7. My direct debit for swimming lessons is still frozen, do I have to do anything to restart payment collection.

No, this will be sorted for you. Harlands will be instructed to unfreeze all swimming lesson direct debits and resume payment collection. Your amount payable and payment date will remain the same as previously.

8. I cancelled my direct debit instruction for swimming lessons during lockdown, what do I need to do as I wish my child to resume lessons?

I’m afraid your child will no longer be booked into lessons, please contact us at    services@holywellleisurecentre.com and we will be able to look into this matter for you. I’m sure we will be able to resolve this for you, please don’t worry.

9. I paid for the swimming lesson course which started in March, what will happen to my payment?

For those of you who paid for the Course which started week beginning Monday 14th March, all accounts will be checked on an individual basis and your payment made at that time reallocated against future lessons.

10. I didn’t pay for the course which started in March, will my child have lost their place?

No, you do not need to worry, your child’s place will still be reserved for them. Please contact us ASAP in order to make payment.

11. Will Adult swimming lessons be restarting soon?

Adult swimming lessons will not be restarting just yet, we will update when we have further information.

12. Is your Soft Play area reopening on Monday 17th August?

No, unfortunately we are unable to reopen our Soft Play area just yet due to Welsh Government advice that “ball pits” are to remain closed for the foreseeable future. We will of course continue to monitor their advice and guidelines and will update in due course.

13. When is the library reopening at Holywell Leisure Centre?

Holywell Library is simply sited within our building. It is actually run by Aura Leisure and Libraries. For any information regarding library services, please either ring   01352 703750   or email    libraries@aura.wales

14. When will the Café be reopening?

Rosie’z Café is an independently run venture, again just sited within our building. Rosie is looking forward to reopening to the public on Monday 17th August.

Please feel free to contact us via email at services@holywellleisurecentre.com should you have any questions at all.

If we can help, we will and you can rest assured we’ll do our very best.

Once again, we are all really looking forward to seeing you. Until then, take good care.